How to fix itechie A88 7-inch tablet stuck in boot logo

How to Fix iTechie A88 Android Tablet Computer unable to boot up and is stuck in boot logo.

iTechie A88 Android Tablet
iTechie A88 tablet stuck on boot logo - image by MZtech

“I couldn’t determine exactly what caused my Android Tablet to stuck in boot logo every time I turn it on. I haven’t installed any update or flashed its firmware.”

iTechie A88 Android Tablet Black
iTechie A88 Tablet (Black) - image by MZtech

  • Model Name: iTechie A88
  • Product Type: Wi-Fi Tablet Computer
  • Screen Size: 7.0” ; 800 x 480 resolution ; 5-point capacitive touch screen
  • Operating System: Android 4.2 Jelly Bean (upgradeable)
  • Processor: AllWinner A13 1.0Ghz ARMv7
  • RAM: 512MB
  • Device Memory: 4.0 GB NAND Fast Flash
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Camera: 0.3 MP front ; 2.0 MP back with flash
  • Battery: 2000 mAh (milliampere-hour)

Hard Reset:
iTechie A88 recovery mode can be accessed by pressing altogether the power button, volume up (+) button and volume down (-) button. If you can access recovery options, all you have to do is select the reset to factory settings. It could fix “stuck in boot logo” issue.
“I tried accessing recovery mode but it boots directly and stops at logo again. If you are unable to access the recovery mode like me, you need to flash the stock firmware image to the device in order to fix it.”
Flashing Firmware:
Things you’ll need:
  1. Firmware image file
  2. LiveSuit v1.11 application for your flashing tool.
Download iTechie A88 firmware:
To make sure you download the correct firmware version for your Android tablet, check on the motherboard number /build number. Unlock download link below.
iTechie A88 motherboard
iTechie A88 motherboard build number - image by MZtech

How To Flash Firmware:
  1. Run LiveSuit application and click yes on whether or not to enter upgrade guide.
  2. Select General Upgrade Mode.
  3. Select Yes on Whether to select new image file.
  4. Browse and select the downloaded firmware image file.
  5. Make sure your tablet is off before connecting to PC.
  6. Connect tablet to Computer with USB (Universal Serial Bus) cord.
  7. Press and hold Power button and volume up (+) button.
  8. Release buttons once connection is detected by LiveSuit application.
  9. LiveSuit Flash Tool
    LiveSuit application flashing firmware - image by MZtech
  10. Flashing will start right away.
  11. Flashing will take a couple of minutes. Secure your USB connection to make sure your tablet doesn’t disconnect while flashing to avoid error.
  12. LiveSuit Flashing successful
    LiveSuit application flashing successful - image by MZtech
  13. You will see a prompt if the flashing process finished successfully.
  14. You can now boot your tablet by turning it on. (Note: first boot after flashing may take a little longer than usual.)
  15. The default language is in Hindu. To change it to back to English, go to settings –> select Language & input (letter A icon) –> select the very first option in the selection on the right side –> scroll down to find English and select it. ( change also the input language of your keyboard).
Your iTechie A88 Android tablet’s “stuck on boot logo” issue is successfully fixed.
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