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I am a Computer and Phone Support Technician from Philippines. I'm a freelance tech in
WS Technical Services and Repair more than 3 years now. I am more of a software technician and less skillful when it comes to hardware. But I am learning more new things whenever possible.

What you will see here on my blog are my notes and guides about different device issues that I have encountered and successfully fixed. You may find here DIY (Do It Yourself) Guides on how to fix issues on devices which I hope could help you in troubleshooting your gadget.

I have also included some tips and tricks about Windows operated computers and Android devices that may be useful to use.
And since I am taking free tech lessons in Microsoft Virtual Academy, I have also shared what I have learned here in my blog.
If you like my post or you find it helpful, you could click on like, share, +1, tweet buttons anytime or post a comment. I would surely appreciate it.

I would also like to hear some more ideas and suggestions that you can add on my topic in my blog posts.

If you are searching for solutions on how to fix a certain issue on your device but isn't posted on my blog, feel free to contact me and I will see what I can do to help you out. And in order for me to assist you more efficiently, it would be better if you put more details about your device.

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