Firefly Mobile S60 V4 Stock ROM / Firmware Download


Download Firefly Mobile S60 V4 Stock ROM / Firmware and follow the steps on how to fix or reset it back to its factory state by flashing.

Firefly Mobile S60 V4
Firefly Mobile S60 image by MZtech

Firefly S60 V4 Specifications:

Phone Type



1.2 GHz Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A7

Smart Phone OS

Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean)


Dual Camera 2MP


Dual SIM



MediaTek MT6572


4.0” IPS Touchscreen


GSM / HSPA / WLAN / Bluetooth

How to Hard Reset Firefly S60 V4 mobile:

If you are having problems with your phone like you are stuck up in boot logo, try fixing it first by doing a hard reset.
  1. Turn off your phone.
  2. Press Power button and Volume Up button to enter recovery mode.
  3. If you see an android picture but no menu options, press power key to activate recover menu.
  4. Press volume down to navigate through the menu list.
  5. Press volume up to select Wipe Data/ factory reset
  6. Press volume down to highlight Yes and press volume up to select.
  7. After the reset process is done, select reboot phone by pressing volume up.
If Hard Reset didn’t fix your phone, then you have to flash it with its stock firmware / stock ROM to revive it back to its original factory state.

Things you will need to flash Firefly S60 V4:

  • Firefly S60 V4 Stock ROM/ Stock Firmware.

Download Stock Firmware: 

  • Firefly S60 V4 scatter file.  - can be found in the extracted file of your downloaded Stock ROM / Stock Firmware zip file.
If Scatter File shows error or invalid, download scatter file below.

  • Flashing Tool
The flash tool you use in flashing is SP Flash Tool. You can download it by clicking the download link below.

(Note: When you click to download, view AdFly's ad page for 5 seconds and click Skip Ad button found on the upper right part of the page.)

If you encounter IMEI Invalid or no network connection issue after flashing your firmware with SP Flash Tool, read on:

How To Fix Invalid IMEI
/NVRAM Error After Flash

Check out MediaFire to get up to 50GB of free online space.

If you have tried flashing your phone, feel free to post your feedback below. And if you encounter problems while flashing and you need help, I'll be very glad to assist you troubleshoot your phone.


  1. after flashing phone doesnot turn on!!! help pls

    1. Hello! I'd be happy to help you.. When you flashed your phone did you see any error?.. You have to reflash it again.. Btw, did you format your before flashing?

  2. Why the OS system is jellybean?.. Is that compatible to firefly mobile s60 v4 KitKat?

    1. Hello Khien, the Android OS version jellybean that is shown in the specs of Firefly s60 v4 is the original OS version it comes with it when it first came out to the market. If you bought your phone lately, it comes with Kitkat. But as long as you have the same model, flashing with the firmware provided above is compatible. You can always update it OTA anytime to upgrade its OS version. Thanks for asking.

  3. My phone doesnt open..how to fix my flashing is 100% ok..but

    1. after flashing , reinsert battery before turning it on. If it is still not working, re flash it again. Please make sure that your mobile is firefly s60 v4. Format the device first before flashing. First boot after flashing usually take a while.

  4. Saan po nkkpag d.l ng stock rom ng firefly s60 gyan nyo po ako plzzz. Ty

    1. click on share or like button para ma reveal yung download link. if clicking the link redirects you, wait for 5 seconds and click skip button on the upper right of the page.

  5. Saan po pde mag d.l ng stock rom for firefly s60 ty po.

  6. Do I need other software for my computer to recognize my phone? I'm still downloading the firmware, haven't done the flashing yet, but whenever I tried to connect the device before, it wasn't showing anywhere in explorer and in device manager. I read somewhere that I have to download ADB and USB drivers. Do I really need those for this to work?

  7. Hi. I just want to know if I still need to download ADB and other USB drivers for this to work.

    1. Hello Jon Snow, yes you have to download adb and usb drivers for your PC to recognize your Android device when connecting it with USB cord.

  8. panu po gamitin yung 2nd scatter file? erro initialize scatter file e.

    1. Hello! In order to use the second scatter file, you have to replace the old scatter file located inside the stock firmware file that you have extracted with the second scatter file.

    2. Hello Author . I flashed my phone FF Mobile S60 v4 and it was a success . When I opened it it turned into white screen . What should I do?

    3. Hello Christian, what do you mean by having a white screen? no logo on boot? try reflashing it again. or download the file again before reflashing. make sure your downloaded file isn't corrupted.

  9. after I flash it . it turns white screen T_T what should I do ?

  10. After I flash my phone it turned into white screen T_T what should I do ?


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