How To Identify Firmware Of A Dead China Tablet PC

You can easily identify firmware version of an Android Tablet by simply navigating to settings and selecting About Phone which can be found at the bottom of the settings options. So easy, right? But what if you’re tablet is dead, unable to boot, or stuck in logo boot loop? And the only way you could fix it is to flash it with its stock / factory firmware? How can you find where to get a copy of its firmware file if you don’t even know what firmware version to find?

White RoyQueen Android Tablet
RoyQueen Android Tablet
I had a 9 inch Royqueen German Technology PC Tablet running with Android OS which was stuck in boot logo. I did a hard reset but it didn’t fix the problem. I tried flashing it with a generic Android firmware since I couldn’t figure out its original version which made the problem worse. After flashing a wrong firmware, my Tablet is dead. It won’t turn on and all I could see is black screen. To fix it, I have to figure out its firmware version so I could start searching where I could get a copy of original firmware file.”


How To Identify Firmware Version Of A Dead Tablet?

  • Open the back case of the Tablet to see the motherboard and take note of its component.
Royqueen Tablet Motherboard
Royqueen Tablet Motherboard

  • Identify the processor IC (Integrated Circuit) chip and take note of its Brand name and Part No.
Allwinner A13 Processor Chipset
Allwinner A13 processor - Photo by Mztech

The processor chip in the photo is identified as Allwinner Technology for its brand name and A13 as its part number. Some other processor types you may find are:Allwinner Technology A10, A20, A23, A31Rockchip RK2818, RK3368MediaTek MT6572, MT6588, etc.

  • Find the build number or board number.
Motherboard Build Number
Royqueen tablet motherboard build number -  Photo by Mztech

Build Number or Board Number show the version number and the manufacturing date. The build number shown in the photo is identified as A91v02-20121005.
  • Find the Manufacturer Information.
Touch Screen Flex Part Number
Royqueen tablet Touchscreen Flex - Photo by Mztech

On some tablet, there is a logo of the manufacturer company imprinted in the motherboard. But in my case, I haven't found any. I have figured out my manufacturer information using the details printed in my touchscreen flex. Using these information, I have figured out that my manufacturer is Maixin-China.

All the information gathered is the key to identify the firmware version.

Firmware version: AllWinner 13 (A13) MAPAN MX913 A91V02 20121005

Where can you get a copy of your original firmware file?

Visit the Manufacturer’s Website of your device. You have to know the model name and model number of your device so you could download the correct firmware version.But if you have a PC tablet made in China, identifying its firmware version is a problem. They usually are re-branded and do not have a Manufacturer website. You could not find its firmware version written on in the device.

If you are able to identify your correct firmware version, you can search from this list if it is available to download. 

To help you familiarize  more on different component, brand names, and part numbers , read my blog on:

tablet pc motherboard
Motherboard Component of China Tablet PC


  1. hello , my tabs back part is built in, so I could not able to open it, that’s why I don’t know its board id… so pls can u give me a firmware for my tab….

    Model : Eurostar ET7025-HM15
    RAM : 512
    It will be very help full for me.

    1. Hi! I am more than happy to help you. I'll try to find the correct firmware for your tab. Could you send me a message containing more information regarding your tab? It is very important that we find the correct firmware because if we happen to flash a wrong firmware, it could hard brick your tablet and it'll be unusable.

    2. Hi! based on your given information, I have found this firmware here http://adf.ly/11409733/eurostar. Please double check if it is compatible with your device. If you are able to turn on your tab, use faheem anjum's android tool, it can help you identify. http://mztech7.blogspot.com/2016/02/faheem-anjum-android-tool.html

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. pls help me to find firmware for model gt-p6100fccida3lgtp6100 processor a23allwinnertech dual core e6034ab69ga board id:etf900-v1.5 140721.thanks in advance peter faragó

    1. Hello! I would like to verify, is your Android tablet a China made Samsung Galaxy Tab 3?

    2. Hello!
      Yes it is!
      Please help me! Thank you in advance!

    3. Hello PF,
      I'm still trying to find where I have saved my copy of that firmware. But in case I couldn't find it sooner, I will try to find the download link and give it to you. Ok? Update me if you already found one before my response. Thanks

    4. Hello PF, I have found two firmware that you could try for your tablet.


      I haven't found yet a stock firmware for your motherboard build number but these two firmwares have the same processor and build version. Update me if it worked in your tab.

  3. hello,, pls give me a firmware to flash my tab......

    Board id : V76-V1.6
    CPU : A33

    thanks .......

    1. hello xobayed, I would be glad to help you find your firmware. But before that, could you add some more info with your Android tablet? do you have the model number? brand? manufacturer? how big is the screen?

    2. thank u soo much for ur reply........
      here is the other information...

      Brand : Eurostar
      model numbr : et7025-hm15
      manufactured by china..
      screen : 7"

    3. Hello, I`m intrested on that firmware to, but my device brand is Evolio, anything else matches.
      Best regards !!!

  4. Hi my china android tablet is not getting on, when it is on showing android logo and no more. Plz help me

    1. Hello Ajil p varghese, you can fix your tablet in two ways, first by entering to recovery mode and selecting the factory reset. Second is by re-flashing its stock firmware.

  5. please my mobile tiger s52 .................mtk6582 ineed firmware

  6. my mobile tiger s52 mtk6582................please help icant find firmware

  7. hi wendy___ can you find out firmweares for my tablet A91__V02___________A13 tablet

  8. Hi Wendy__can you find out firmwares MTK File for my tablet A13___A91__V02

  9. need help ampe tablet need custom or stock firmware

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  11. Hi Wendy plse I need your help. I have a GT-N8030(ONE NOTE 10.1) stock one boot logo. I have flashed several versions of the stock firmware (even from the Samsung website) but to no avail. Please what can I do. If any one else has an idea please I will be grateful for that!!!

  12. Hi Wendy. Plse I also have a Chinese tablet Itouch(A13) that was stock on boot logo. I downloaded a ROM and flashed inside but the display is smaller than the normal screen and shifted to the right. But all the other functionalities seem to be okay. I tried a different ROM the display is perfect but the touchscreen is not responding. So my questions are: how can I know the screen size of my tablet and how can I identify it in the ROM file. Can you please help me find that ROM ? Thanks


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