How To Fix Invalid IMEI / NVRAM Error


Invalid IMEI / NVRAM Error After Flashing With Stock Firmware

After Flashing a MediaTek Android device with its firmware using SP Flash Tool, one common issue we usually meet is having an invalid IMEI which makes our device unable to connect to cellular networks as well as Wi-Fi networks. To fix this, we should fix our IMEI number by manually entering the number to the device using MTK Droid Tool.

Android MediaTek phone (ex: MT6575, MT 6572, MT6588, MT6589)
  • Full Wipe Data and Hard Reset in recovery mode.
  • Flashed firmware using SP Flash Tool.
no network
Invalid IMEI , No network connection - image by MZtech
  • No network connection - error message "Unable to register network, please try again later".
  • Wi-Fi unable to connect - error message "Invalid NVRAM".
  • Dial #06# result - IMEI Invalid.  
  • Sim Settings is grayed out.
How To Fix:
  • Copy to notepad the IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) number found at the back of your device.
IMEI Number
IMEI - image by MZtech
  • Enable USB Debugging in your device.
  • Connect your device to your PC through USB.
  • Root your Android Device and reboot. You can use this Android Rooting Tool.
  • Download and Install MTK Droid Root & Tools v2.5.3. Right click to MTK Droid Tool application and run it as administrator.
MTK Droid Root and Tools Screenshot
MTK Droid Root & Tools Screenshot - image by MZtech

  • Click Root button in MTK Droid Tools. (If successfully rooted, yellow box will turn green.)
  • Click IMEI/NVRAM button and put the IMEI number you have copied earlier and click apply.
  • Reboot device for changes to take effect.
  • To verify if successfully fixed, dial #06# on your device to check for your IMEI number.
  • Check for you network connection.
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